Currently we are hardly working on
– Greetings 👋
– Localization
– Displaying customer feedback on chat page
— New website 🔥
– Improving performance
13 May 2020
New widget design Now you are able to choose between two different widgets.
13 May 2020
Widget visibility settings Display widget only to users from specific countries or on certain pages.
13 May 2020
Launcher customization We added 3 additional launcher types. Now you are able to show text, set corner radius and even change icon!
No more boring launchers!
13 May 2020
Team intro Team intro is the first page that your users will see in the widget. This is great place to say `Hi` and explain that they can reach you via voice & video call.
We are very excited about building inPerson. With your help we can make it even better so if you have any feature suggestions or pain points please share with us. Request feature or report a bug