what is inperson?

inperson is a Shopify app that enables video and audio
communication on compatible devices via WebRTC

what is webrtc?

WebRTC is an emerging technology that provides fast
video chat directly in browsers and in native apps.
Modern browsers like Chrome and Safari are fullly compatible.
See the full compatibility chart

why should my shopify shop use inperson?

Conversion rate for brick and mortar stores is 7x compared
to online sales - largely due to in person interactions.

do I need a desktop or laptop for inperson?

inperson works with only a smartphone, but a laptop is recommended.

does inperson also support text chats?

yes, inperson manages text chats with WebSockets

how does inperson identify shopify customers?

if the customer is logged in, details will populate.

are there bandwidth or time limits on video chatting?

video and audio calling is unlimited.

are video chats recorded?

yes, the account owner may review agent and customer video interactions.